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Golden Threads

The Jar of Oil

Our church is deeply involved in missions.  We originated a program to collect funds to build churches and support national pastors in India and Africa.  We call it the "JAR of OIL" ministry.  The name is derived from II Kings chapter 5 where the story of Elisha and the widow's jar of oil is told.  The widow had a small amount of oil that was miraculously turned into enough to sustain her and her  sons.  Each week we put our change into a jar that sits on our communion table, and we see a little...become a lot.


Does it work?  In 2011 the first church was built.

                    See Photo at right-

  Also in 2011 we were able to send enough funds to

build a second church in India and work has begun

on it.  Already this year we have sent support for a

church we  are building in Malawi, Africa.

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